Fire Dept. Fee Schedule

Fire Department Fee Schedule 

In February of 2015 Lower Providence Township enacted ordinance No. 619. This ordinance recognizes the authority of emergency responders to seek reasonable reimbursement for: Hazardous Abatement Incidents, Environmental Incidents, and Fire Safety / Rescue Responses.  The Township recognizes that the duties of the Volunteer Fire Companies require specialized tools for fire suppression, safety, and rescue responses; as such the Township recognized that such tools and equipment place a financial burden on the Volunteer Fire Companies and the replacement of such materials and specialized training add to the additional financial burden for the Volunteer Fire Companies. The Township has authorized that the Fire and EMS Agencies along with the Municipality may either directly or through third party services bill to recover aforementioned costs from applicable insurance companies and carriers. 

Lower Providence Fire Department uses a third party billing service PA Fire Recovery Service for billing services. (

(Itemized Fee Schedule)



Fire/Incident Report                                                     $35.00

Photographs(Digital)                                                   $10.00 Each

Photographs (Per CD)                                                  $100.00

Non-Emergency Knox Box Entry (Lockouts)             $75.00 



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